The Last House On Dead End Street – horror movie folklore

Creepypasta and modern day folk storytelling

The Enfield Poltergeist – a very British haunting

House of Psychotic Women – horror and mental illness 

CLOWNS! Cinema’s and the public’s obsession with clowns

Public Information Films – informative and terrifying

Rod Serling – master storyteller

Folk Horror – an interview with writer and film-maker Adam Scovell

Santa Slashers

A Ghost Story For Christmas

Midnight movies 

The art of the cinema gimmick

A history of horror comics

Ed Wood

Paper Animals – A Ghost Story 

Art-house horror, “it’s not really horror” and the need to label genre

Soundtracks – A chat with Moviedrone and The Sound Of Fear’s Charlie Brigden

The slow death of found footage

A Roomy One-Bed – A Short Horror Story

Queer horror – a chat with Screaming Queenz’ Jon Larkin

Are we returning to Body Horror?

Made For TV Mayhem – A chat with writer and podcaster Amanda Reyes

Film criticism and exploitation

The Evil Within

BBC2’s Forbidden Seasons

Orson Welles and The War Of The Worlds

A History Of Radio Horror

John Waters

George A Romero Mope

Twin Peaks The Return

Halloween III Season Of The Witch

Old Time Radio Christmas Horror

Krampus, Belsnickel, Perchta 

A Ghost Story For Christmas

Suffer Little Children

Night Of The Living Dead

There’s Always Vanilla

Season Of The Witch

The Crazies


A Ghost Story For Christmas: DIY

Dawn Of The Dead



Day Of The Dead 

Monkey Shines

Two Evil Eye

The Dark Half


Land Of The Dead

Diary Of The Dead

Survival Of The Dead

Game Of Thrones

A Ghost Story: Autumn Run

The Amusment Park