The Last House On Dead End Street – horror movie folklore

Creepypasta and modern day folk storytelling

The Enfield Poltergeist – a very British haunting

House of Psychotic Women – horror and mental illness 

CLOWNS! Cinema’s and the public’s obsession with clowns

Public Information Films – informative and terrifying

Rod Serling – master storyteller

Folk Horror – an interview with writer and film-maker Adam Scovell

Santa Slashers

A Ghost Story For Christmas

Midnight movies 

The art of the cinema gimmick

A history of horror comics

Ed Wood

Paper Animals – A Ghost Story 

Art-house horror, “it’s not really horror” and the need to label genre

Soundtracks – A chat with Moviedrone and The Sound Of Fear’s Charlie Brigden

The slow death of found footage

A Roomy One-Bed – A Short Horror Story

Queer horror – a chat with Screaming Queenz’ Jon Larkin

Are we returning to Body Horror?

Made For TV Mayhem – A chat with writer and podcaster Amanda Reyes

Film criticism and exploitation

The Evil Within

BBC2’s Forbidden Seasons

Orson Welles and The War Of The Worlds

A History Of Radio Horror

John Waters

George A Romero Mope

Twin Peaks The Return

Halloween III Season Of The Witch

Old Time Radio Christmas Horror

Krampus, Belsnickel, Perchta 

A Ghost Story For Christmas

Suffer Little Children

Night Of The Living Dead

There’s Always Vanilla

Season Of The Witch

The Crazies


A Ghost Story For Christmas: DIY

Dawn Of The Dead



Day Of The Dead 

Monkey Shines

Two Evil Eye

The Dark Half


Land Of The Dead

Diary Of The Dead

Survival Of The Dead